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Yaoundé city tour

Yaoundé is the Capital of Cameroon, with a huge population. It lies in the Centre region and it is in the Southern part of the country, Yaoundé features a tropical wet and dry climate (AW), with constant temperatures throughout the year. Furthermore, Yaoundé is one of the top cities in Cameroon with a vibrant banking sector, a Friendly taxation policy and above all political stability as such this makes Yaoundé a place to live. In addition, the Capital city(Yaoundé) is validated when it comes to Education. Cameroon is a bilingual Country where English and French educational are both official language; and so in the Capital city there is a coexistence of French educational system schools, where the degree giving access University is Baccalaureate, and English educational system schools where the degree giving access to University is the GCE Advance Level. Moreso, Yaoundé is a site of several Universities: the University of Yaoundé 2, the Protestant University of Central Africa ( UPAC), and the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC). Several of the nation’s professional schools are located in Yaoundé (Higher Teacher’s Training College, Ecole Militaire Interarmes du Cameroun) as well as various schools for Engineering ( Polytech), Doctors ( CUSS) Nurses and Diplomats. In addition, the fact that Luminaries such as Francis Ngannou(UFC) heavyweight Champion, Jean Pierre Bekolo ( a film director) Joel Embiid a professional basketball player, Fotso Victor and many more all based in Yaoundé is a clear evidence that it is not just a condusive place but a peaceful environment. In the Same vain Cameroon has had only two Presidents since independent and they have all resident in Yaoundé, more interesting, the Presidential palace and Compound( Unity palace) are in the Etoudi District.
Yoaundé the Capital city is known for business, entertainment, leisure and touring which is as blood is to human body, In The Central region there are assortment of Pubs, night clubs, restaurant and many more also it is amazing to note that in as much as you are in Yaoundé time, fuel and energy can be saved this is because anyone can sit at the comfort of his/her home and Transportations of his choice with Credit card (an interact enabled debit card or service) such as PayPal….., Also, a place where you can achieve your goals smoothly is no other town but Yaoundé the reason is simply because available service industries such as transportation service(taxicabs)

Because of the available service industries like Transport service ( such as airlines, taxicabs) ; Hospitality Service such as accommodation like Hotels and resorts, entertainment venues, amusement parks, Casinos, Shopping malls and Theatres. Also, Although Cameroon is a developing Country and technology is not powerful, Yaoundé is one amongst the few cities that rarely face technological problems. Yaoundé containing several manufacturing and processing industries ( a cigarette factory, a brewery, sawmill and printing presses and all a market for one of the richest agricultural area in the Country is indeed a place for everyone to visit . Some of the places in Yaoundé where inbound tourist would be amazed to see are the Zoo in the Mvog Betsi neighborhood, the Sport Palace ( Palaise Des sports) , Eco Park, National Museum of Yaoundé, Mefou, the reunification monument which was constructed in 1970 to memorialize the post Colonial merging of British and French Cameroon and why not the new monument erected at the roundabout of the Prime Minister’s Office which has two palms carrying the map of Cameroon, two arches with “I Love My Country”

Yaoundé the Capital city of Cameroon has the Nsimalen International Airport which is a major civilian hub. Many bus companies operate from the city particular in Nsam and Mvan districts, Frequent buses run on the road between Yaoundé and Douala and travel time by raod is approximately three(3)hours. Traffic in the city can be Abit heavy during weekdays but very light during weekends, Yaoundé has made significant progress in infrastructure especially raod construction , in as much as anyone born of a woman will be desperate to tour in the Capital city of Cameroon (Yaoundé which spread over seven(7) hills there is still 1% who is still unaware of this great city <img src=”img_chania.jpg”

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