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Tombel is a subdivision in Cameroon, under the South West region, Kupe Muanenguba division. It is the largest town of the Kupe muanenguba division and equally the headquarters of one of the three subdivisions of Kupe muanenguba.
The people of Tombel originated from the Bakossi clan and these people represent their culture in everything they do. This is shown in many of their traditional practices such as; their traditional regalia which is a white long sleeve shirt, a black loincloth tied around the waist, a red cap with a feather attach to it and short broom held on the hand, worn by men while the women wear a long gown called “Kaba”. Also, it is shown in their traditional meal which is called Esubag and Kwanmkwala (fufu and black soup). Their culture is equally portrayed in their traditional dance such as the Ngone and Ebenzu which are danced using the waist and the back respectfully, their traditional songs and their way of living. The Bakossi people are know to be United. They love to express themselves most in their mother tongue everywhere they go and most especially when they encounter their fellow tribe member. Most villages in the Bakossi clan are headed by chieves who are loyal and have the interest of their people at heart.

The people of Tombel are not only from the Bakossi clan, they constitute people from different tribes around the country such as; the Bamilekes, Bafia, Doualas among many others. This makes Tombel to transformgradually into a small cosmopolitan town. Tombel is a community which is welcoming and hospitable. There is the use of the English and French language which make it bilingual and also the use of pidgin English which is widely used in communication by the people because it is easily understood. This makes interaction and the flow of information easy. Furthermore, the people of Tombel are blessed with natural resources like; rich volcanic soils, an amazing tropical climate, hills and mountain.
The economy of Tombel is characterized by so many economic activities with agriculture being the main and heart of the economic life of the community. About 90 percent of the total population of tombel is involved in agriculture. The presence of fertile volcanic soils together with a good tropical

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