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SOLO TRIP TO AFRICA . have you thought of going for a trip in an African country? if yes, then you’re a brave Adventurer, a lot of people think Africa is a Country on its own forget to know this is a whole continent with almost 55 countries and 1.3 billion people, one of the placs I find interesting in Africa is Cameroon, Despite the continent being unique on its own the blackness and civilization, I can tell you that they’re a lot of changes in todays Africa, while people study in school about the different empires in Africa since then they have been a lot of changes both good and bad don’t forget.

Traveling in Africa alone is quite scary but is it worth it? Yes, there is a lot to learn one of the favorite destination for tourist is Cameroon because of its diversified culture with about 3 ethnic groups and 240 tribes. Cameroon is often refer to as Africa Miniature because of its Cultural and Geographical Diversity. in Cameroon you will be able to experience the Africa culture, discover the beautiful mountains like mount Cameroon which is the highest point in West Africa and Waterfalls alongside good black and white sandy beaches. 
Cameroon has a very good historical background that's from the period of Colonization when German colonize Cameroon in 1884 and later when the 1st world war breakout by 1919 during the Versailles treaty Cameroon was seize from Germany and given to France and Britain ,during this period Cameroon was divided until by 1961 when Cameroonians voted to unite back as former. the history of Cameroon is very marvelous. why don't you visit this country and experience Africa in one nation for touring in Cameroon plan a trip with
 Twin Lake north of cameroon
Group tour to Africa with low budget
        its obvious that despite, the high poverty rate in Africa, its quite cheaper with certain items compared to those in Europe or America, specifically in Cameroon, the cost to go for a tour to a European Country is far more expensive than visiting an Africa country like Cameroon, this is because of their weak currency FCFA Franc compared to different currencies gives the travelers a high purchasing power, the most expensive meal in Cameroon should only cost you 15 US Dollars Whereas, in countries like USA a meal can cost you up to 50 US Dollars.
if you are thinking of a low budget tour i think Cameroon will be perfect for you, traveling has never been easy it requires time, money and patience and all this you will also need an experience tour agency in Cameroon which Tourism Forver Cameroon is there to assist you for your tour in the entire country.   
cultural tour in cameroonmount cameroon

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