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Reunification Monument of Cameroon

The Golden Jubilee Monument

A befitting monument to commemorate the Reunification Monument of Cameroon was unveiled by the President of the Republic His Excellency Paul BIYA on Wednesday 19 February 2014 to loud cheers from the population of Buea and a host of national dignitaries present at the occasion. The magnificent structure is built with concrete and metal cylinders, with the logo of the celebration of the Independence and Reunification of Cameroon as the central unit.

Structurally, the monument comprises concrete, ten metal cylinders supporting the logo of the Cameroon golden jubilee. The central piece is made up of ten metal cylinders of varying heights– representing the ten regions of Cameroon.
This gives a clearer view of the 50th-anniversary logo. The logo is characteristic of a globe, portraying the map of Cameroon, supported by two hands at its center. Slightly above it–is the code of arms representing the peace and unity that reigns in the country.

There are metal cylinders supporting the logo, which symbolize power, growth, and emergence dynamics, fundamental to the economic, social, and cultural development of Cameroon.

Located at the foot of the giant Mt. Cameroon, the monument adds to other historical touristic sites in the ranks of the German Prime Minister’s Lodge, constructed in 1902. The lodge was formerly the palace of German Governor, Jesko Von Puttkamer. Reunification Monument of Cameroon

There is also the German Post Office of 1902, The Bismarck Fountain, The Cameroon Press Photo Archives, The Ancient Native Authority School, and also the Mount Cameroon National Park, an eco-touristic attraction.

This monument–which is likely to improve the economy of the Buea community–has become a fertile ground for cameramen and journalists alike.
Some Buea-based photographers are already deriving income from the spot, due to their make-shift photo studios at the location.

During the inauguration of the monument, Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, said the monument cements the peaceful coexistence among Cameroonians, who through their diversity in culture, are united under a one and indivisible nation.

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