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Mount Cameroon (Fako) is an active volcano in the South West region of Cameroon next to the city of Buea near the Gulf of Guinea. Mount Cameroon is also known as Cameroon Mountain or Fako or by its indigenous name Mongo ma Ndemi.

In the classroom, far back in the 90s, when we learned of the chariot of gods, as named by Hanno the Carthaginian, a pile of ground as high as 4100m above sea level. On this special day, we decided to visit the south west region, most particularly the Mount Fako, arriving late at night, I couldn’t have a glimpse of the mountain because of the darkness. My guide and I had set everything ready for the journey.

My local guide for that day was Bakweri man, a son of the soil, the Sawas who belief in the mountain. In the early hours of the morning, my guide and myself began ascending the Mount Fako, the highest in the central and west Africa, and I aimed the summit, to be among those who have made it to the top, what a privilege for me? My Guide was ready as always because someone referred him to me, and I could only pick him. Our ascension began as early as 5AM and before we got to Hut1. I was exhausted, but kept the spirit, and made it to Hut 1. I underestimated this height. My journey had to stop, I promised myself I will be going back, it is 2 years today and very soon I will be making it back to the mount Fako to get to the summit of 4100m.

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