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Kribi Beach and Environ 
Kribi Beach is the best beach of Cameroon, known as “Cameroon Riviera”. It is located on the Gulf of Guinea shore, in Kribi, 150 km South-West of the capital city Douala. Spacious beach is covered with grey sand and surrounded by tropical forest. It’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing, walking in tropical forest, riding in a canoe, playing beach volleyball and football, diving, snorkeling and other kinds of water sports.

Beach description

Recreation on Kribi Beach is a perfect opportunity for fishing, have a barbecue right on the beach, buy fresh seafood from local fishermen or to take beautiful photos on the background of the sea sunset. Also tourists can spend a night with a tent on the territory of the beach.

Among the attractions close to Kribi Beach are Kribi lighthouse, lobe waterfall flowing directly into the Atlantic ocean and Campo Faunal nature reserve. Moreover, it’s worth to visit Ebodj to watch sea turtles, go to Nkolandom caves and village of pygmies.

When is it better to go?

Cameroon’s tropical climate is characterized by high temperatures and humidity. The rainy season falls from May to October, for this reason, trips to Cameroon at this time should be evaded. In addition, from December the wind starts blowing from the Sahara, bringing sand and dust, reducing visibility. November is the most favorable time for visiting the beaches of Cameroon.

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