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Botanical Gardens in Cameroon

Limbe Botanic Garden  is the principal botanic garden of Cameroon. It was created in 1892, during the German colonial era, in Victoria (former name of Limbe), between the ocean and Mount Cameroon. Initially with an agronomic intent, it has become one of the main recreational and tourist attractions of the South-West Region

The garden was created in 1892 by a German team led by Paul Rudolph Preuss. Originally, it was a trial garden, a Centre for experimentation and acclimatization of useful tropical species, such as rubbercoffeecocoaoil palmbananateak, and sugar cane, destined for Kamerun and other German colonies. In its heyday, it was considered one of the most important tropical botanical gardens in the world.[2]

In 1920 the British took over the garden in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, which provided advice and training. After their departure in 1932 and until 1958, the garden was administered directly by Cameroonian staff, then, in the wake of independence, in 1961, it was taken over by the Government.

In 1988 a partnership concluded with the United Kingdom allowed its renovation and development. Originally intended for agriculture, the botanical garden is now oriented towards conservation, education, science, tourism and leisure.

Today the garden, which originally covered 250 hectares (620 acres), has no more than 48 hectares (120 acres Some buildings, the laboratory and library – have for some time been transformed into a hospital. There is now a luxury hotel there.

Botanica gardens in Cameroon

A centre of attraction called “Jungle Village” has been set up and serves as a framework for the organization of cultural events for the enjoyment of tourists. Several landscaped tracks facilitate access within the garden. These are :

  • the coastal track, which affords a view of the western part of the garden;
  • the biodiversity trail which, as its name suggests, allows visitors to have a view of all the biodiversity of the garden;
  • the Bota trail to discover large trees and wild animals;
  • the track that runs along the river, where there are trees and plants over a hundred years old

However, it a lovely way to pass a few hours walking through a cared for garden that has a large array of fascinating plants and runs alongside the river

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