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A Motor point in the City of Douala

The Deido roundabout is one of the most central junctions of Douala and its agglomerations. It is geographically located in the Deido district. The crossroads is at the center of a road connection point for several Akwa, Deido, Bonabéri, Bonamoussadi districts. Markets Several young people and adults have entered the informal sector around the Deido roundabout and several companies that are established, in particular Total, Boulangerie Meno
A Motor point in the City of Douala , Security Several thefts were recorded at the Deido roundabout, a police station was set up there for the control and management of public security. Difficult access and funnel point, The Deido roundabout is a crowded place day and night. At night, traffic can be more fluid. The displays, counters and other kiosks installed on the sidewalks of the intersection congest traffic. Forcing pedestrians to use the road to cross the intersection, passing from one collection point to another.  Public transport, The Deido roundabout is a mini bus station location for destinations in South West Cameroon. It is also a point of passage and collection of populations. This generates a strong presence of motorcycle taxis and all kinds of other transport vehicles

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