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5 Top Mountains in Cameroon to visit

Are you a lover of hiking? Are you a tourist who loves nature and wish to visit mountains for a breathtaking sightseeing experience? Cameroon is a good option for you.
Cameroon is situated in Central Africa and sits along the gulf of Guinea. It shares boundary with Nigeria in the Northwest, Chad to the Northeast, the Central African Republic to the East, the Republic of the Congo to the Southeast, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest.
It might be surprising to learn that there are 1154 named mountains in Cameroon with the most eminent and highest being Mount Cameroon. Cameroon possesses luscious rainforests, vast grasslands, highlands, rolling hills and volcanic mountains. This write up will bring to your awareness top 5 mountains in Cameroon to visit.
1. Mount Cameroon
The first mountain that should come in mind when one wishes to visit mountains in Cameroon is Mount Cameroon also known as Mount Fako or indigenously known as Mongo ma Ndemi meaning mountain of greatness.
Mount Cameroon is located in Buea, the Southwest region of Cameroon, near the Gulf of Guinea. As one of Africa’s largest volcanoes, Mount Cameroon has an elevation of 4,040 meters (13,255 feet) above the coast of west Cameroon.
It is equally the highest point in the sub-Saharan part of Western and Central Africa. In terms of importance, mount Cameroon is considered the fourth most eminent peak in Africa and the 31st in the world. Mount Cameroon is an active stratovolcano that lastly erupted on February 3, 2012.

It is surrounded by tropical rainforests though it has a bare summit apart from occasional snow. It is only at Mount Cameroon that tourists enjoy the opportunity of visiting Mount Cameroon national park created in 2009. The national park covers an area of 581.23 km² and it includes the former Etinde Forest Reserve and most of the Bomboko Forest Reserve.
Hikers frequently ascend the peak and it takes about 4½ hours for the annual Mount Cameroon Race of Hope to ascend the peak. Joseph Merrick a Jamaican Baptist Missionary was the first to scale the peak. The annual Race of Hope a competitive race for runners takes place in Mount Cameroon.

mount cameroon
2. Mount Oku
The second mountain in Cameroon to visit is Mount Oku, which is located in the Northwest Region of the country in the Western High Plateau region, made up of mastiffs, mountains, and savanna vegetation.
Mount Oku also known as Kilum Mountain is a stratovolcano with an elevation of 3,011 meters (9,879 feet) above sea level, and is cut by a large caldera turned into a crater lake known as Lake Oku. After Mount Cameroon, Mount Oku is the second highest mountain in mainland Central Africa.

The oldest rocks that make up the mountain are almost 25 million years old and the area around the mountain is the Kilum-Ijim forest, which is the largest remaining area of montane forest left in West Africa and home to several different endemic plant species. The area also has the highest sphagnum (peat moss) bog in West Africa.

3. Mount Manengouba
Mount Manengouba is the next mountain to visit in Cameroon. Mount Manengouba is a stratovolcano located across the Tombel Graben from mount Cameroon in the southwest region of Cameroon.
Mount Manengouba has an elevation of 2,411 m (7,910 feet) and falls among the great continental volcanoes of the Cameroon Line that consist of mounts Cameroon, Bambouto, Bamenda, and Oku. Mount Manengouba possesses two distinct Calderas namely Elengoum and Eboga


4. Mount Kupe
Another mountain in Cameroon worth visiting is mount Kupe or Koupe. Mount Kupe or Mont Koupé is a plutonic mountain located in the Western High Plateau of Cameroon and part of the Cameroon line of volcanoes. It has an elevation of 2,064 meters (6,772 feet).
Mount Kupe used to be forest-covered apart from a few small grassy areas near the summit but this is not the case anymore due to deforestation. Mount Kupe is home to chimpanzees and various species of threatened primates.
The Mount Kupe bushshrike Telophorus kupeensis is known to be endangered due to its small range and declining quality of its habitat

5. Mount Mekua
Last but not the least on the list of mountains to visit in cameroon is Mount Mekua located in the southwest region of Cameroon, Fontem village, Lebialem division. The elevation of Mount Mekua is 2,702 (8,868 feet).
Mount Mekua is surrounded by savanna woodland.
Concluding Remark
Above are the top 5 mountains in Cameroon you can visit either to experience a breathtaking sightseeing or go for hiking. For the purpose of the write-up, we have compiled only five but there are more of these mountains. Please feel free to comment any other mountain you have visited that is not on the list. Thanks for your time.

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