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Twin Lakes


Sustainable tourism is a very broad concept of tourism, as it consist of economic, social and environmental issues of tourism and working on the improvement.

Africa has one of the best destinations for sustaible tourist, as their tourism sectors are not well handled, a country we will focus on is Cameroon, let us see how sustaible tourist can achieve their goals in this beautiful country unknown for tourism.

It’s important to know that Cameroon have plenty of beautiful waterfalls and lakes in the interior.

Most tourism destinations in Cameroon are in villages so the people in the community are not fully aware of the negative and positive impact of tourism, sustainable tourist will find these destinations their home since they will be so impactful these communities.

Sustainable Tourism in Cameroon

Muanengouba Twin Lakes

This is a crater lake located in the western highlands of Cameroon, it’s call twin lakes because they’re two of them that is; Female and Male lake. the lakes are seperated by a ridge, this lake belongs to the Bakossi clan (tribe) and some mystical beliefs are associated with it.

Twin Lakes

Female lake; the female lake are known for their purification, the natives belief that anyone who drinks from this lake anything they meditate on, the God’s will look to it spiritually and answer by acting towards their belief like healing, people swim and do fishing in this lake.

female lake of muanengouba

Male lakes; The male lake is dangerous and made of gaseous elements, they don’t swim the male lake, it’s covered by trees but no leaf can be found in the lake, it’s belief that if you throw anything at the lake it will return back to you.

male lake of muanengouba

Beside the twin lakes you will find the Muanengouba Mountains with has an elevation of about 2,411 m

Ekom Nkam Waterfalls

Ekom Nkam Waterfalls, is one of the most visited destination by tourist in Cameroon , it is renown for the movie “THE LEGEND OF TARZAN” which part of the movie shoot was done in this reserve.

ekom nkam waterfalls

Metche Waterfalls

Metche waterfalls is also found in the Western highlands, it’s found along the road which seperate Dschang to Bafoussam in the entrance of the road to Mbouda.

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